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Episode 566: Minimum Rage

CLIPS CLIPS CLIPS (our clips channel) Show Notes Democrats’ Big Tent Helped Them Win. Now It Threatens Biden’s Agenda. Illinois Becomes 1st State To Eliminate Cash Bail Nashville...

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Episode 565: Knowledge Fight – The Insurrection

Show Notes Thank you to Knowledge Fight for joining us this week

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Episode 564: I’m Not a Cat

Show Notes Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been banned from Instagram MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Releases Absurd Conspiracy Infomercial Over 100 Anti-Trump Ex-Republicans Held Zoom Call to Plot New...

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Episode 563: Outbreak: A Crisis of Faith with Noah Lugeons

Thank you to Noah Lugeons for joining us Get his book Outbreak: A Crisis of Faith Follow on twitter @noah_lugeons and support his patreons

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Episode 562: Qpie Doll

Show Notes Marjorie Taylor Greene indicated support for executing prominent Democrats in 2018 and 2019 before running for Congress Marjorie Taylor Greene Theorized Space Laser Beam Sparked California Wildfire...

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Episode 561: Hungry, Hungry Hunger Games

Show Notes Commentary: It’s time to raise the cost of spreading conspiracy theories Traditional Catholics Lose It After Pope Francis Says Women Can Serve in Mass Catholic Cardinal Claims...

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