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Episode 530: Boomy McWhaleface

Stories from the Week Phoenix Megachurch Hosting Trump Rally Says It Has Special Coronavirus-Killing Air System Trump will not follow New Jersey coronavirus quarantine order, ‘he’s not a civilian,’ White House says VICE – Animatronic Robot Dolphins Could Save Real Ones From Aquariums and Marine Parks Thousands sign petition to rename Columbus, Ohio to ‘Flavortown’...

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Episode 529: Momentum

Stories from the Week Man fined €500 for farting ‘with full intent’ at Vienna police Naked man spends 12 hours on traffic pole, OR cops say Homeopaths sell injections containing strychnine, lead, mercury. Seriously Police: 58-year-old arrested on child porn charges after purchasing, eating soiled underwear ‘Something’s wrong with Donald Trump’: New Republican advert questions...

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Episode 528: Defund The Police

Stories from the Week “Everybody’s trying to shame us” (video) What Defund the Police Actually Means Spike Lee Cautions Against “Defund The Police” Message, Warning Trump Tries to “Twist the Narrative” After Protests, Politicians Reconsider Police Budgets and Discipline Trump Falsely Targets Buffalo Protester, 75, as ‘Antifa Provocateur’ NYC Just Recommended Using Glory Holes In...

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Episode 527: The Protests

Stories from the Week Conflicting reports of looting at Soho Rolex store Police violence will make it harder to fight COVID-19  

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Episode 526: Trans Rights with Callie Wright

Thanks to Callie Wright from Queersplaining for joining us! Make sure to drop them a follow @queersplaining Stories from the Week Pakistani villager urges India to return ‘spy’ pigeon Woman takes off knickers and uses them as face mask so she can get served Boys let black widow bite them in hopes of turning into...

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Episode 525: Fatty Boom Batty

Stories from the Week South Korean football team apologises for using sex dolls to fill stands South Korean soccer team fined for using sex dolls in place of fans in empty stadium Cell-tower attacks by idiots who claim 5G spreads COVID-19 reportedly hit US Man sentenced to death in Singapore on Zoom call ‘Hot’ nurse...

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Episode 524: Michael Marshall – Brexit & COVID

Interview this week with Michael Marshall @MrMMarsh Check out his podcast

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Episode 523: Secular Survey

Thank you to Alison Gill from for joining us today! To find out more head over to & Stories from the Week Ohioan, 50, Arrested After Calling 911 To Report That Her Pussy Was Ablaze SEE IT: Kentucky woman cuts hole in mask to make it ‘easier to breathe’ Naked Man, Woman...

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