Charitable Efforts

While Cecil and Tom may be rough around the edges, when it comes to supporting secular organizations with worthy causes, they’re big softies. And because of the generosity of our beloved listeners, we are able to help raise awareness and funds, match donations, and support non-religious organizations making a positive impact.

2020 Charitable Efforts

On November 27, 2020, to support Democratic Georgia Senate Candidates, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, Cognitive Dissonance organized a Livestream to Save the Senate fundraising event that included a lineup of fellow podcasts and, of course, all of our generous listeners. The mind-blowing amount raised during this 3 hour event was over $126,000, with all funds going directly to (and split evenly between) the 2 candidates.

Did you miss our November 2020 Livestream to Save the Senate?
See the donation page and watch the livestream of this event on YouTube.

2018 Charitable Efforts

Modest Needs

In 2018, Cognitive Dissonance Podcast and the Scathing Atheist guys raised over $120,000 for Modest Needs through “Vulgarity for Charity”.

Good Thinking Society

Cognitive Dissonance has donated $500 to the Good Thinking Society, a charity whose goal is “to encourage curiosity and promote rational thinking”.

WYOAIDS Assistance

We donated $500 to WYOAIDS Assistance, an organization providing financial help to men, women, and children in Wyoming living with AIDS.

2017 Charitable Efforts

It Gets Better Project

Following the 2016 election which, as we’ve all observed, has emboldened a new era of bigotry, Cognitive Dissonance donated $5,000 to the It Gets Better Project.

It Gets Better Project

Over the course of 2017, Cognitive Dissonance Podcast made a recurring $50 donation monthly to Modest Needs.

The Trevor Project

In April 2017 Cecil and Tom attended ReasonCon, which took place in Hickory, North Carolina — a state whose legislative Republican majority had pushed for the controversial HB2 “bathroom bill”. This bill, though repealed on March 30, 2017, was a pillar of discrimination against the LGBTQ community.

Show listeners called out the unsettling fact that the guys would be spending money in such an LGBTQ-hostile state, so the guys asked their listeners: “What can we do to fix this?” A listener suggested donating 2x the amount of money they would spend in the state to The Trevor Project, an organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention to LGBTQ youth.

So that’s exactly what Cecil & Tom did. They spent $1500 in the state of North Carolina for the trip to ReasonCon and donated $3,000 to The Trevor Project.

2016 Charitable Efforts

Dear listeners, we once again remind you that …

Previous to 2016 contributions have also been made to Doctors Without Borders