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  1. Jammin Jesse Buckner says:

    Hey Now! Guys,
    Unfortunately I had to downgrade my patron level because I’ve been abruptly laid off of my job at my local Vape Shop in Buffalo NY.
    .Governor Cuomo and his threat of a flavored e-liquid ban has caused a devastating impact upon our Vape industry in NYS. Most shops are Mom and pops and can’t afford to pay ourselves anymore because of these knee jerk reactions and government overreach!
    I’m absolutely livid and fomenting!
    #ivapeivote #bandeliciousflavoredalcohol

    Love you guys!
    -Jammin Jesse 🎶

  2. Joseph B Chick says:

    Just listened to episode 562. PG and E is Pacific Gas and Electric not Proctor Gamble

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