Episode 584: Warmonger Redemption Tour

2 comments on Episode 584: Warmonger Redemption Tour

  1. BluePrint says:

    You (The U.S.) don’t have a health care system.
    What you have is a health scam industry.
    This is also why medical personnel opt-out of getting vaccinated: Because they’re not in the field to help the sick and injured. They’re in it for medical profiteering.

    1. Supernova Kasprzak says:

      Seriously? The US has a health care system. It’s full of flaws, but that doesn’t make it “a scam”.

      There are plenty of people speculating about why medical personnel opt out. https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/why-wont-some-health-care-workers-get-vaccinated-2021021721967 But your speculation doesn’t even make sense. Even greedy people generally care about their own health. Being “in it for medical profiteering” is not mutually exclusive with wanting protection from a deadly disease, even if that were the case, so why this clear bias and stereotyping of US health care workers?

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