Episode 562: Qpie Doll

2 comments on Episode 562: Qpie Doll

  1. Mark says:

    I don’t know if it’s just me but when i try to play/download the podcast i get this: Error: 404 Not Found

  2. BluePrint says:

    Backwards, Cecil:
    It’s not that “you’re not doing it with anything else”. “You’re” specifically “doing it” with everything that isn’t directly translated to money.
    You are capitalists:
    If people die, it’s a tragedy, but it’s not the people in charge that are dying, so it would be better business if those people who will die, first give their money to those who won’t.
    Spending money on people, so they won’t die, is spending money on other people, and that’s inconceivable. Other people are supposed to give their money, not take yours.

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