Episode 542: Knowledge Fight with Dan & Jordan

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  1. BluePrint says:

    The country isn’t “as far left”, but it is reasonably left.
    What the country is, is confused about labels, confused about what the political parties stand for, and what the people should vote for.

    The country is confused about labels, because polls show the majority of the population are in favor of left wing ideas, and that includes die-hard republican Trump voters, as long as they’re not told that policy idea is from the left. And sometimes even if they are, like a majority of republicans are in favor of Medicare for All.

    The country is confused about what the parties stand for, because they think the democratic party is on the left.
    Sure, now that Sanders is officially in the party and there are some new young members, there’s a left wing of the democratic party, but the party as a whole is where the republican party was 40 years ago, and intentionally forgo trying to appeal to the left and expect to gain votes from sane conservatives.
    The republican party isn’t on the right, they’re off the scale insane after being taken over by the t.e.a. party, and are now falling into the oblivion of conspiracy theory and turning into a cult of personality.

    The country is confused about what the people should vote for, as one of the Knowledge Fight guys (I can’t tell who’s who, yet) said: Elections are all about the horse race.
    The media is intentionally ignoring the candidates’ policy and constantly talk about “who can win”, as if it’s a raffle and not a serious discussion about what direction should the country take; Giving the average voter just enough information and incentive to guess who would be the winning team and hope to be on it.
    When Sanders was running, his policies had 60 to 90% popularity across all demographics (except the 1%, I suppose), but the media (who’s owners and actors are in the 1%), was constantly reminding that “Bernie can’t win”, for any reason other than policy.
    The average voter is literally propagandized to think that the overwhelming majority opinion is unattainable in a democracy.

    The country is reasonably left, but it’s politics is unreasonable:
    We know the the right wing always votes, because they’re always afraid that something would change if they don’t.
    (They’re perfectly fine if even a big change is done by one of theirs)
    The left isn’t afraid of change and would vote for change, but doesn’t if no change is promised.
    Voter turnout rarely reaches 60%, and a democratic candidate occasionally wins.
    Even if we shave 10% for voter suppression, all of this tells us that 1/3 of eligible voters don’t bother, and we can be reasonably sure those are not right wingers.

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