Episode 134: Scathing Atheist – Cartomancer Edition

4 comments on Episode 134: Scathing Atheist – Cartomancer Edition

  1. Little Peg says:

    Please Refer my comments incorrectly posted in Everyones a Critic today. Many thanks

  2. Matthew Spenceley says:

    So having a good relationship with your father will make your more Christian… So with that theory in mind… What about having a good relationship with TWO fathers? Did gay marriage just get its biggest Christian endorsement!? Perhaps…

  3. Verena Counihan says:

    Regarding gods giiven power by man, (you referred to Neil Gaiman novel “American Gods”), I’d recommend reading the story of the god Om (as written by Terry Pratchett in his book, “Small Gods”), who finds himself becoming aware of his existence in the shell of a tortoise, when an eagle drops him (for smash-and-eating purposes) right next to his last true believer, Brutha. This book really rammed home the idea that all gods are created and given power by man.


    From your keen listener in Amsterdam, Verena

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