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Episode 611 – Sexy Military Car Wash

Show Notes Black Lives Matter Protesters Were Overwhelmingly Peaceful, Our Research Finds | Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University Fauci heard on hot mic calling Roger Marshall...

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Episode 610: Emotional Support Church

Show Notes Retract dangerous anti-vaxx religious advice, FFRF tells Sen. Ron Johnson – Freedom From Religion Foundation Ted Cruz says GOP will impeach Biden if it retakes Congress —...

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Episode 609: Californian Alimony

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! Show Notes Candace Owens: Trump Is Pro-Vax Because He’s ‘Too Old’ to Understand the Internet Ghislaine Maxwell Is Found Guilty of Aiding in Epstein’s Sex Abuse...

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Episode 608: Healthy as a Person

Show Notes Donald Trump defends COVID-19 vaccines during Candace Owens interview Far-Right Stars Joe Oltmann, Jovan Pulitzer Fantasize They’ve Been Attacked With Anthrax Dallas QAnon ‘Cult’ Is Now Drinking...

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Episode 607: Postcoital Financial Advice

Changing the story of homelessness. Show Notes Italian Bishop Gives Children Harsh News: There Is No Santa Claus – The New York Times Christian “Financial Guru” Dave Ramsey...

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Episode 606: Antreefa

Show Notes California plans to be abortion sanctuary if Roe overturned Pressley introducing resolution to strip Boebert of committee assignments Lin Wood Says Marjorie Taylor Greene on Side of...

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