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Episode 516: I Know a Pandemic When I See One

Stories From The Week ‘It’s Totally Ad Hoc’: Why America’s Virus Response Looks Like a Patchwork Coronavirus: saltwater spray infects 46 church-goers in South Korea Trump Calls for National...

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Episode 515: Knowledge Fight

Thank you to Knowledge fight for quarantining with us. Follow them and subscribe on all the things. Stories From The Week A Notorious Sandy Hook...

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Episode 514: Modest Needs Update

Stories from the week  Criticized for Coronavirus Response, Trump Points to Obama Administration Trump Fox News coronavirus interview: Trump spreads dangerous misinformation Facebook is taking down Trump ads that...

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Episode 513: Coronavirus Fun Run

Stories from the Week 4 babies got herpes from ‘oral suction’ at circumcision Anti-vaxxers wage war in Conn., lawmaker calls vaccines “witches brew” Ted Cruz unwittingly makes himself...

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Episode 512: Rush Limbaugh’s Malignant Tumor

Stories from the Week Germany Shooting Is Deadliest Yet in Upsurge of Far-Right Attacks Boy Scouts seek bankruptcy under wave of new sex abuse lawsuits Diocese of Harrisburg files...

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Episode 511: Superbowl Crotch Shot

Stories from the Week Dear David Barton, There Is a Difference Between ‘Nonprofit’ and ‘Tax Exempt’ Rick Wiles Blames ‘News Nazis’ in the ‘Jewish-Controlled News Media’ for Allegation That...

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