Episode 158: Gamma Atheist – David Viviano




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  1. Mike.K.

    To Tom’s “I don’t understand what you are saying, therefore you are wrong”:

    I work in I.T. You have to understand that this is the default operational setting for most people, particularly those from the US.

    While it has slowly declined over the years, I’ve had very educated people make absolutely stupid demands. (“Just use the computer” to move power outlets along the wall, make the desk shelves taller, make a black and white printer color, make a monitor grow larger, make the computer not run off electricity, and my personal favorite, “just use the computer” to make the desk rise off the floor and float around the room rather than call the movers.) Even for demands that don’t objectively involve genies and sorcery, when I explain that such things are not possible, the most common counter (even more than “how dare you tell me no!”) is to just wave their hand and say, “I don’t understand what you’re saying, so just do it.”

    I think a large factor in this is similar to the Dunning-Kruger effect, in that people who are intellectually lazy (not stupid, or even uneducated, but intellectually lazy) presume that their “inferiors” are stupid and lazy. Therefore, they just assume that any answer of “no” is simply blustering bullshit to mask laziness, because that is what they would do to get out of something. So, when they hear no, to them, the obvious answer is “get off your ass and do it!”. It just never dawns on them that demanding someone hit the keyboard fast enough (it’s always about typing fast) to overcome things like gravity or solidity is just a really stupid thing do demand.

  2. Glory hole, Guys.

    Chopra crams so much fallacious bullshit into his childish statements, it’s easy to miss perhaps the biggest lapse of logic in his “challenge”.

    He’s equating these two things: 1) Explaining the workings of human consciousness; 2) “Explaining the paranormal”.

    Thing is, you can’t equate those, because of one really important difference: human consciousness is already proven to fucking exist. Before we could “explain” the paranormal bullshit he and his ilk talk about, somebody would have to prove it exists. (Of course, if the “paranormal” were proven to exist, it wouldn’t be paranormal; it’d just be a known phenomenon.)

    Oh, and apparently the entire scientific community of the world is grouped together (by Chopra) under the heading “Randi’s cronies”. Which, actually, would be fine with me.

    Chopra, by the way, also lectures people on materialism, while living in a sprawling estate. God, I hate that douche.