Episode 109: The Scathing Atheist


Special thanks to Noah Lugeons from the Scathing Atheist: http://scathingatheist.com/



Twitter: @survivinggod


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  1. mike montague

    if you skip the 1st black adder at least watch “the archbishop”. alot of great jokes about indulgences and relics.

  2. Stan

    Another great show guys but one thing….as if I didn’t have enough podcasts to listen to, you go and introduce me to The Scathing Atheist. Now I’m going to have to download all their back catalogue as well. Guess I’ll have to call in sick for work so I can have some time to go through them all.

    Seriously though, thank you for mentioning these guys, they are hilarious (as well). Keep up the excellent work.

  3. Sorry, I am a bit slow in getting through the podcasts.

    I would argue that Joanne Highley is a good choice to argue against banning conversion therapy. She comes across as such a nut that people who don’t want to look like nuts may support the ban as a result. Much better choice than somebody who actually seems reasonable in my opinion.

    I believe you have stated that you are / were a Palladium gamer. Might want to look through my website.