Episode 87: Thomas and the Bible, Part 2





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  1. Sophie Shaw

    Your subtitles for Dave:

    “All right lads, it’s um… Dave Thomas from Littlehampton in the UK here. Just wanted to say er… love your pod cast. Keep it up. Well fucking funny, um… and I wanted to leave a message for a mate, who I, er…. got to listen to your pod cast, called Ricky Ashcroft. I wanted to call him a “Fat dirty bastard”, um… cheers. Take care you fuckers.”

  2. mikekoz68

    Heard before that Thomas sounded like Norm MacDonald, but I didn’t think so, but after hearing this episode every now and then he does sound a lot like him! So because of this and the fact that this episode was soo funny, I’m going to go listen to his podcasts.

    This was a great episode.

  3. Rob

    I don’t think there was enough of Thomas on this show. You easily could have added an extra hour so that he could finish some of his sentences.

  4. Heres Daves voice mail translated for ya: “Hello lads, its um, Dave Thomas from Littlehampton in the uk here. just wanting to say, uuh, love your podcast, keep it up, well fuckin funny. Um, i want to leave a message for a mate who i got to listen to on your podcast called Ricky Ashcroft, i wanted to call him a fat dirty bastard, um cheers! ok you fuckers.”

  5. Casey from Royal Oak MI

    Hey guys, love the podcast. The anti wonder bread pastor has a bit of a history. His EHarmony profile would include : bitches should be in the kitchen, National Geographic is filthy porn and let’s pray that Obama is KILLED.. DEAD.. I love the fact that he got his ass kicked and the primary picture on Google images is his fucked up face. I’m not a violent person, but that is the image I want see when I think of this person.