Episode 55: The Good Atheist

Special thanks to Jacob Fortin from the Good Atheist Podcast

Clips: CNN and David Silverman, Under the Sea, Islamic call to prayer, Lou Engle Avengers was a great movie,

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  1. ullrich fischer

    You CAN prove a negative, not as a completely rigorous logical truth like the Pythagorean theorem, but you can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt … ie in a legal sense.

    Mermaids are proven not to exist from a number of angles as you pointed out in this episode.

    God is proven not to exist (at least not in the form described by the 3 major monotheistic religions) by simply examining the internally contradictory descriptions of Him in the holy books.

    Bertrand Russell’s orbiting tea pot in the asteroid belt is proven not to exist by our knowledge of human history and the laws of physics.

    The whites only religious nuts are proven insane by their own public statements.

    I enjoy all the mocking of stupidity you guys do. I especially enjoy the intro and promo blurbs by that sexy female voice.

    I would buy a T-shirt with the CD logo and “Your help is fucking greatly appreciated” as a banner below the logo. :)

  2. ullrich fischer

    There is an interesting book called “Start-up Nation” by Dan Senor about Israel which goes over what is working and not for Israel. One of the things going right is free education and a pro-intellectual, pro-enterpreneurial culture. Also, the compulsory conscription ensures that everyone gets a pretty rigorous technical education in the army. What’s going wrong is that in order to get the orthodox religious nut segment of the Jews of the world on board with creating Israel in the first place, they were given exemption from army service if they devoted their lives to prayer. Since all the religious nuts have to do is procreate and spit on 8 year old girls who dress “too provocatively”, they’ve done that and are a now significant drain on the economy.

  3. mike montague

    RE: the hulk video…i’m pretty sure this is the guy in the “jesus camp” documentry. he was just as nuts in that.

  4. Al Christensen

    Regarding the Egyptian mobs enforcing sharia law vs. their president’s condemnation: I think the point is that sharia has its version of due process. I think the problem was that the mobs weren’t acting with proper authorization from an imam or whatever.