Episode 53: Geologic

Special thanks to George Hrab: http://about.me/georgehrab and http://www.geologicpodcast.com/


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  1. Jakke

    Were I not a dirty foreigner (and thus not going to TAM) I’d love to get a free Cognitive Dissonance shirt. What is wrong with you american TAM-goers? FUCKING FREE SHIRT!

    … And the prospect of being associated with these guys on Facebook, what is there to lose?

  2. Murff

    I haven’t looked this up or anything, but I would think pedophiles would be both hetero- and homosexual. Would kinda explain why most choose one sex or the other. Consider Sandusky…all that time and all those different boys, yet no charges of him molesting minor girls. (could be that the boys were more accessible?)

    Just my thoughts while listening to yet another great podcast! Thanks again for your work.