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  1. Hi,
    Just started listening to the podcasts and am really, really enjoying them. I followed link re Madonna (just wanted to see photo’s). I had a bit of look round at http://hollywoodilluminati.com/. Is this site for real do you know ? My first thoughts were it was a copy of “The Onion”. Then I started thinking sadly that perhaps it isn’t. Pierre – Canberra, Australia

  2. Rob

    Thomas was fantastic, very funny. I found his podcast after you mentioned it last week, and I’m loving it.

    And the metaphor behind Lot’s wife turning into a pillar of salt? The same thing that’s behind many of the Bible’s stories: Do what we fucking say.

    • Rob — agreed! All metaphors in the mediocre book amount to the same message — “Obey or suffer the consequences.” Simple, and easy to digest :)

  3. Steve

    I have a small objection regarding raw milk. While I don’t put any credence in the anecdotal evidence that some lactose intolerant people can drink raw milk, that’s not the only reason people buy raw milk.

    I buy raw milk because I think it tastes FAR better than pasteurized milk. I think if you are careful that your source is meticulous both in isolating sick cows and in hygenicly processing/shipping, then raw milk can be safe. It also helps out your local dairy and costs far less to transport than a pasteurized agglomeration of milk from hundreds of herds combined by a bulk processor and likely shipped over long distances.

    Thanks for letting me say my two cents worth!

  4. Sarah

    A great episode indeed. Agreed, Thomas sounds like Norm McDonald – in voice, timing, and delivery.

    It was nice to hear him throw out some F-bombs himself…

  5. goodthink

    Erm, just starting to listen to the show. But had to respond to Steve. before pasteurization, up to 25 percent of those who drank raw milk got sick from it.

    Beer and wine were the only reliable sources to drink from. Pasteurization changed all that. Not sure why people want to turn back time.

  6. I love how I discover new podcast. I found Ardent Atheist which mentioned The Broadly Focused Podcast which in turn mentioned your podcast and you mentioned Thomas and the Bible….and now here I am