Episode 3: Rapture

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  1. famousafteridie

    I particularly enjoyed the Pope's pedophilia adviser segment and the "Fat Albert" voices used in one analogy. Great episode!

    (Pounds table) MORE!

  2. Hank

    You could prevent this sickness with a vaccination against this sickness right? Why do you not do the research to prove that this vaccination does not work? This vaccination does not work! This vaccination causes more dis-function in children and adults then smallpox. We do not vaccinate because of the ingredients within these vaccinations. This research done by real scientist is not falsified! The pseudo-scientific “evidence” made by the FDA is what is really falsified as evidence. I am not a vaccine nut and I know for a fact that these vaccines are not necassarily deadly, but are dangerous to children. Message me if you need further information on the subject. I will be happy to educate you on the ingredients of every single vaccination that is so called helpful to the human race.

  3. Measly Twerp

    Yo, Hanky baby, go stick your cock in a rabid dogs mouth, then get back to us on the effectiveness of vaccines. You filthy analogue for a distended rectum.

  4. Kara

    “Why do you not do the research to prove that this vaccination does not work?”

    …Because that’s not how science works? Research aims to uncover facts, not crazy. But silly me, what do I know? Oh, yeah- SCIENCE.

    Go visit an island full of measles and lick the inhabitants.

  5. Dejawolf

    Damnit, how the hell am i supposed to get work done when i’m rolling around on the floor in stitches.