Episode 2: You’ll shoot your eye out…

Oh! and He’s dead.



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  1. famousafteridie

    Really enjoyed this episode – big fan of the interspersed sound bytes. And I especially enjoyed your points when addressing Mark's letter about libertarianism.

  2. MizBean

    You know, this is essentially a complete podcast experience. And I too appreciated the responses to Mark's email. Thoughtful, yet abusive, replies are definitely lacking in the podverse.

  3. Crazz

    Crazz said…
    Crazzfact for thought:

    Egyptian creation story revolves around their main deity laying on the firmament and masturbating. As he orgasmed the discharge that he expelled is what brought forth the the variety of life.

  4. Sam

    I love the new format of your two pods. Nice job! I can't wait to hear your take on the "Rapture that wasn't" next time!

  5. Dejawolf

    just got here from TTA, and got to correct you on the prince of wales. he did serve in combat, he was shot at by the taliban. and was also on patrol in hostile areas.
    on his first tour.
    on his second tour, he flew an apache attack helicopter, and received death threats from the taliban, who stated they were gonna put everything they had in to fucking kill him dead. and his name is prince harry.

  6. Dejawolf

    about gays, don’t have a problem with Gay marriage. Gays should be allowed to tell everyone they wanna start a family, and adopt some children.
    i’m just wondering if there might be other issues. like two straight room-mates deciding to “marry” just to get some of the 1138 benefits. although i guess that might cause some issues with getting laid with the opposite sex.